Haryana to revise norms for educational, health facilities

Chandigarh, Feb 16 (PTI) Haryana government has decided to revised the norms for educational and health facilities in the licensed colonies and Change of Land Use (CLU) granted projects in the state.

A spokesman of Haryana Town and Country Planning Department today said this proposal of the Cabinet Sub-committee was approved by the Council of Ministers in its meeting held on February 3, 2016.

These revised area norms would be applicable for community facilities in the entire state, he added.

He said the department would adopt the norms formulated by CBSE or other concerned affiliated Board, specified by the applicant at the time of filling out the application, for licensed colonies as well as CLU projects.

He said the proposed area norms for health facilities in licensed colonies are 1.25 acres per 10,000 population including dispensary and 2.5 acres per 30,000 population including hospital.

He said the department would also adopt the norms suggested by the relevant expert bodies such as AICTE MCI/DCI to set up Universities, Colleges, Professional colleges and for medical/dental colleges with hospitals.


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