Global warming not well for kidneys

Toronto: Global warming was likely to increase kidney related complications, two Texas University scientists have warned.

In their new study published in Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Scientists journal Texas University urologists Margaret Peale and Yair Lotan said that as world temperatures rise, more and more people will develop kidney stones.

They said a hotter climate will make people more and more dehydrated, leading to them to develop kidney stones, reports IANS.

Explaining the looming health hazard, the two urologists said that urine keeps the body clean by carrying chemical waste out of it. But in warmer temperatures people will get dehydrated easily, reducing their urine production.

With not enough urine to wash mineral salts out of the body, these chemical wastes will develop into stones, they warned.

To back up their study, they cited the example of the so-called kidney stone belt in the USfrom Louisiana to Florida and then up north to Tennessee. This hot and humid part of the US, they said, reported more cases of kidney stones than elsewhere in the country.

With temperatures forecast to rise appreciably in the coming decades, the two urologists said the so-called kidney belt will expand up north, sweeping more US states and reaching Canada.

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