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Event Overview

iGovernment introduces one of it's most innovative platforms, iStates, India’s first e-gov capacity building initiative for state governments. For the past 3 years, India’s foremost comprehensive portal for India’s key policy makers has focused on providing senior government officials with significant and real time news, analysis and research.
McKinsey’s latest survey report mentions that 46 percent of CIOs feel that the spending is "looking up." Assuming that the downturn has already flushed out the weak links, the survivors will have to find new ways to grow. And the first place businesses look to for help is Information Technology.
The pressures to streamline, cut costs, automate business and prepare the organisation for the big growth era will tax all the skills of CIOs.  The big question here is how many of are prepared to take this big leap towards the growth? We all know how to add capacity, because we've been doing that all this while. But it has been a while that we talked about the big growth, which is around the corner. 
With the theme “Resetting for Growth”, the 11th Annual CTO Forum Conference and Awards will address many of these challenges – from growth to governance. 

Through iStates Maharashtra we envisage bringing together senior government officers to highlights the recent success stories of Government of Maharashtra and the lessons in delivery & governance that we can take from them. We also hope that iStates can become a platform for knowledge sharing, problem solving and capacity building for achieving the vision for Maharashtra 2020.

At iStates we believe that there are four pillars to achieving this vision.(i) empowerment of rural Maharashtra with a focus on inclusion, (ii) enhanced industrial development, with a stress on creating new corridors of development for a balanced growth, (iii) improved urban infrastructure, to accommodate rapid urbanisation, and (iv) education.

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