Jharkhand mulls plasma tech for waste disposal

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5th September 2012

The first plant is likely to be set up in the Bokaro-Dhanbad area to treat bio and non-biodegradable refuse to produce energy and curb pollution

Ranchi: The Jharkhand government is all set to install a high-tech system to do away with the hazards of solid waste. In keeping with its drive to maintain the ecological balance of the forest-rich region, the Jhakhand State Pollution Control Board (JSPCB) has decided to use plasma technology to treat solid and non-biodegradable wastes. The new technology would also help generate power to cater to the electricity needs of the waste treatment installation and its surrounding areas.

Confirming the proposal, the Board’s Secretary S.K. Sinha said that the state-of-the-art technology turns the waste into a fourth state of matter and does not produce ashes after the process. “The existing system of waste treatment produces residual wastes, which, if not disposed of properly, can pose serious trouble for both humans and the environment,” he added.

Officials said that the JSPCB is in talks with a Maharashtra-based firm to purchase the plasma-based solid treatment installation at a cost of Rs. 10-12 crore per unit. “To begin with, we have decided to set up the first plasma-based waste treatment plant in the Bokaro-Dhabad area,” added Mr. Sinha.

The technology treats all kinds of solid wastes, including hazardous medical wastes and industrial effluents. As plasma is the fourth state of matter, it does not pollute the air, water or soil. The technology can also help convert inorganic components of solid wastes into tiles and bricks, while organic compounds are turned into synthesis gas, an amalgamation of hydrogen and carbon monoxide that is a green fuel.

Heat generated in the process of waste treatment can further be converted into energy to run the plant. And, in case of additional power, it can be stored and supplied to homes around the installation.


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