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CBSE launches helplines for special children

Parents and children with special needs can call the number and get all their problems and doubts related to board exams cleared

New Delhi: In an effort to help special children in solving their queries related to board exams, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for the first time has started special helplines with designated educators to answer the queries of disabled students who are taking Class 10 and Class 12 exams.

Four special educators figure in the list of 43 counsellors who will help students and parents overcome anxiety and stress during the board exams, which often prove nerve-wracking for students. This year the exams begin March 2.

The helplines are Abha Sharma, Mumbai, 9967800337; MR Shipley, Mumbai, 9833950896; Hetal Sayla, Mumbai, 9819209623; and Shweta Khanna, Delhi, 9717882074. Moreover, students can also resolve their queries by visiting CBSE's website.

"Realising the specific needs of specially-abled children taking the board exams for Class 10 and Class 12, for the first time we have included special helplines with educators to take care of them," CBSE Public Relations Officer Rama Sharma said.

Like all the counsellors, the special educators are available online as well as on telephone from centres located in Mumbai and Delhi from February 1 to April 2. However, most queries are expected to start coming in about 15 days before the exams begin.

"Parents and children with special needs can call the number and get all their problems and doubts related to board exams cleared," Sharma said.

MR Shipley, a special educator in Mumbai, said counselling specially-abled children requires a lot of patience and love.

"I empathise with them and try to step into their shoes to make them understand how to overcome problems during exams. I tell them nothing is wrong with them and try to boost their confidence so that the child is not under kind of pressure or demoralised," Shipley said.

She is a counsellor with the Apeejay chain of schools and a CBSE resource person for the Adolescent Education Programme.

The special educators are more polite while dealing with disabled children, they also try to talk to the parents and explain the facilities provided by the CBSE to such children.

The CBSE offers exemptions to physically challenged, spastic and dyslexic candidates taking the month-long board exams.

"Concessions to physically challenged and dyslexic students are in the form of extra time—they have 60 more minutes to write the exam, a writer in the board exam and flexibility in subject choice at secondary level," a CBSE special educator Heetal Sayla said.

Sayla, who had worked with the Learning Disability clinic of the Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital, Mumbai, said, "For me, it will be a new experience as I am catering to the CBSE helpline for the first time."

"These kids should be looked up with love and patience and encouraged. I know many specially-abled students who perform quite well in their exams after counselling," Sayla said.  

The CBSE has also given special training to teachers for marking criteria for such children in board exams.

Another counsellor, Abha Sharma, said specially-abled kids are really vocal and there is a need to understand their strong abilities.

"It is difficult to completely understand the children in tele-counselling. At times you need to talk to both the parents and children to make things easier for them," Sharma said.

Last year, 1.31 million children appeared for the Class 10 and Class 12 board exams. Of them, students with special needs made up 0.17 per cent.


My son who is studying in New Delhi is a dyslexic student. He is not able to understand calculation . We want an exemption from maths subject. Plz. Advice us which subject .should we opt for instead of maths that would increase his academic performance and he develops interest. Can we opt for arts.

Provisions for SEN Children Class IX-X

A student got registered with CBSE in Class IX where by the parents didn't got him documented as a Special Education Needs Child. Now , once the registration card has been parents did submit Special needs medical documents and have made a request to immediately allow him to drop certain subjects and opt other easy subjects like Painting .The School doesn't have such subjects to offer immediately but parents are not understanding that. How can the School assist the child ? can the child register as a private candidate for optional subjects and grades can be included in Please advise

Special Education

CBSC Board is also providing extra time for the children with special needs.

Sarthak Centre for the Children with Special Needs, Gurgaon
Contact: 0124-6460434, 09212712797

Hi,My son is in X standard with Ramjas Day Boarding School, Anand Parvat and is having ADHD/Learning Disability. Though he is keen to study, but his concentration power is very poor. Please help ASAP. I am really looking towards any assistance/guidance on this. Thanks,Monika Dhall
Cell: 9810957525 / 9810414146

Dear Sir,

My son aged 11 years and studying in class 6th was diagnosed with a mild CP after birth .Since the school also has a resource room and that my wife is qualified as a special educator, my son has been faring very decently in his academics.Our only concern is as he gets into the higher classes and the syllabus gets tougher, does he get exemption for MATHEMATICS if required.

Please let us know what other benefits would be be entitled to so that we could work towards it and shape up his future.



Dear sir/madam
My son is in class 1 and studying in Anushaktinagar mumbai. He has ADHD problem and LD. Although doctors advised to provide special educator in school but the school govening body has failed to understand the need of the same and opined such facility does not suuffice common good as only few children suffers from such disablity.
I need some help of facts and figure from a govt. agency/education councils to educate the learned administatators on the subject.

Dear Sir,My son, who is in 8th std in an Indian school affliated to CBSE, is suffering from learning disabilities. But he has been attending the mainstream classes. As per his marks in the previous terminal examinations and class exams, he has got required pass marks.Since he has to go for some medical assessment in India, he may not be able to attend the 3rd Terminal exams (final exams). We requested to the school to give promotion to 9th standard on basis of the previous exams, but school has refused the same. The school has no facility for subject choice or any other help of these kind of children. Is there any rule in CBSE to detain my son like this, just because he is not appearing the Final exams?

My son is studying in 7th standard. He was born with cerebral palsy and is unable to write with speed. At present he uses computer for his class works and home works and exams. Even on computer he takes extra time for completing the exam. Now he is finding difficulty in understanding some concepts in the class specially of Maths We are not able to guide him how to do his regular works of maths in computer like construction of triangle, measurements in science/SST the graphs and drawings. Is there any provision to use computer in SSC/HSSC or is it compulsory that writer is needed because as mentioned earlier for making him trained in doing his regular works in computer lot of innovative ideas related to computer is to be imparted to the child.Besides, please let us know wheter the writer will be provided by the school if we request them. In these matters who is the right authority whom we can contact?

My ward is suffering with Dislexia/ADHD. He is a student of Delhi Public School and soon would be going to class IX. I require the notification which mentions Maths exemtions from class IX as well as list of subjects which he can chose. Also, I want to know bad implication of his leaving Maths. Will he be able to get Commerce without Maths in class XI or no? Kindly mail me the Provisions as earliest as possible and oblige Thankig you Amit Khurana

Thanks for this info. My son is in 4th std CBSE at Rajhans, Andheri (w), Mumbai. My son has been diagnosed with learning disability and needs home tutors at andheri (w) to complete the home work and give sp education to understand mathematical concepts. I will be thankful to you all if any help can be provided. Thanks, Yashwant 09428332281 / 09833128367

A query, if anyone can help

My son has, special learning dissability. Can he use the laptop for typing answers in the cbse 10th board exams? From Sanjeev Chakravarty.

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