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Mecon develops India's 1st con-focus microscope

The resolution of the con-focal microscope is very high in comparison to conventional light microscope or pathological microscope

Ranchi: The public sector engineering consultancy firm Mecon has developed India's first con-focal microscope.

A team of experts led by Mecon's Research and Development (R&D) division Assistant General Manager B Chakravorty has developed the gadget.

The gadget was demonstrated recently in presence of eminent scientists of the country. It yielded stunning results during the demonstration, Mecon claimed.

Mecon Communications Chief Rana Chakravorty said that resolution of the con-focal microscope is very high in comparison to conventional light microscope or pathological microscope.

"The latest gadget can scan minute part of an object with spot light, whereas wide area of the object remains illuminated in the former case," the Communications Chief added.

Con-focal microscope is an optical imaging technique used to increase micrograph contrast and to reconstruct three dimensional images by using a spatial pinhole to eliminate out-of-focus light or flares in specimen.

A charge couple device (CCD) camera is attached to it for light signals. The whole set up is attached with a computer for data storage and retrieval for image processing.

Another unique feature of the con-focal microscope is its higher axial resolution that enables optical sectioning capability. It is the most modern tool for observing the human chromosomes also, the Communications Chief said.

The public sector consultancy company was recently given a project by the Union Ministry of Science and Technology to set up a basic laboratory of con-focal microscope system that utilises laser as light and uses optical fibres.

It's great achievement for MECONian... Being a part of MECON family, I am very proud of Mr B Chakravorty and his team.

Its really great achievement of MECON.
Once again MECON reflected its Engineering Excellence!!

P K Singh

It is a very good news for an ex-Meconian
Umesh R. Rohatgi (72-79)

My congratulations to the MECON collective for achieving a newer height in their search for excellence.

Env. & Water Mgt Consultant,
Ex-Chairman, SEFI

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