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Child death forces India to recall measles vaccine

The recall came after four infants who received the measles vaccine in the southern state of Tamil Nadu died on Wednesday.

New Delhi: The Ministry of Heath and Family Welfare in India has recalled over four million doses of a measles vaccine supplied by a south Indian drug manufacturer—Indian Immunologicals Limited—after four children died following inoculation with the drug.

The Ministry has directed all state governments to stop use of the vaccine until further orders, besides halting further supplies from the Hyderabad-based manufacturer.

The recall came after four infants who received the measles vaccine in the southern state of Tamil Nadu died on Wednesday.

Grief-stricken parents said their babies started frothing at the mouth and nose and died within 15 to 20 minutes of being administered the vaccine.

The State Health Minister said that the children might have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine, while noting that some 20,000 children in Tamil Nadu were inoculated against measles with the same drug Wednesday.

According to sources, vaccine samples have been sent to a national laboratory for testing and a team of health experts is examining how the vaccine was stored and how health workers administered it.

Taking immediate action on the issue, the Government of Tamil Nadu has suspended its measles vaccination programme. The recall is likely to hit the immunisation programme in other states also.
—iGovernment Bureau

How to decide for parents like me. It is scary to read reports such as this. I have also read reports on other sites related to Autism arising out of MMR vaccine. Where UK and Japan have banned these Vaccines. How should a parent like me decide Whether to immunise or not on measles or MMR. Hope someone would reply or suggest what to do

Now it is clear that it was toxic shock syndrome which caused death due to measles vaccine. inappropriate and inordinate delay after reconstitution of vaccine has caused the problem as per expert. Now lift the ban from measles immunization immediately.

Vaccine preventable disease should not be allowed to fall prey to controversies. If a particular vaccine falls in disrepute,it will cause damage to millions before we wake up. Government should take help of expert pediatricians in field of immunization rather than allow damage to continue because of unjustified suo moto action of banning measles vaccine.

It is perhaps not the first and definitely not the last instance of negligence in handling a vaccine. What is more disturbing is the fact that workers very insufficiently trained handle vaccines. Sometimes, the route of administration of the vaccines is not known. I have seen that measles vaccine is given intramuscularly by paramedics including ANMs at PHC/CHC level. The vaccines should be administerd by or in the presence of a medical doctor/pediatrician who can resucitate a baby or initiate treatment for anaphylactic reactions.

I remember this is 2nd time deaths due to measle vaccination occured in UIP.That time report said diluent used was not supplied by company.Even diluent also to be presrved in ILR.Resuscitation traing were given to all workers involved in UIP.I request once report submitted that should be announced in IAP journal.

According to WHO report on measle vaccination there is chance of severe allergic reaction in 2 to 4 babies out of 1 lakh vaccinated. So most probably it was severe allergic reaction if we rule out improper storage or handling of vaccine before administeration.

Measles vaccine is very sensitive live vaccine. It is very effective and seroconversion is almost 90% even by 2 doses given at right time. However, it is dangerous, if is left in the hands of unscrupulous manufacturers or left out of cold chain or introduction of outside infectious pathogen due to faulty preparation of solution or by using same diluted vaccine even after 3 hours.

This vaccine has been in use all over India for the last 25 years with very few cases of adverse effects or death gives credence to its safety. But it should be used by trained persons with proper follow up. Opening of vaccination clinic at every nook and corner without authentication about their credential, about their knowledge, about proper vaccination techniques. Same is true about government agencies, where achievement of target is only aim. Untrained and unscrupulous NGOs add to this confusion.

In my view deaths due to measles vaccine may be due defective manufactureing process or improper logistics or faulty techniques of administration or combined.

Measles is one disease if vaccination is done prudently,diligently with care & caution then it can be eardiated from human sufferings. there is no gain with out at least minimum gain.Measles disease is more painful and takes larger toll of humanity than vaccinations.
Dr mahesh Baldwa

There should be no lacunae left to investigate /uncover localconditions/ factors for administering vaccines.This will be very unfortunate if vaccine will need to be stoped.

Dr Kiran Aggarwal

THe MOH should have gone into the technical & practical

issue regarding this fatal vaccination including cold

chain , vaccine storage & utilisation , any contamination

in the vaccine given by calling the expert group of

pediatricians from IAP committee on immunisation & then

taking necessary steps to ban the vaccines, as it might set

back already back log of immunisation coverage.

The very fact that more than 20,000 children vaccinated

with the same batch of Measles vaccine did not show any

adverse reaction , needs detail investigation by experts

on the vaccine storage & delivery.

This is for the first time we are confronting the AEFI for Measles.IT MAY NOT BE THE VACCINE BUT SOMETHING ELSE AS WAS REPORTED FROM MUMBAI IN EARLY NINETIES FOR DPT VACCINE.We must be vigilant,prompt & proactive to safe gaurd the faith of community at large.PHARMACO-VIGILANCE.

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