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India, Bangladesh to set up more 'Border Haats'

Aimed at boosting local trade and economy, trading in these bazaars would be held once or twice a week

Agartala: India and Bangladesh have agreed to set up more 'Border Haats' (bazaars) along their border in Tripura, Assam and Meghalaya to boost local trade and economy.

'Border Haats' in Tripura would start in 2012-13 and one more market center would be set up along the Meghalaya border, Tripura's Commerce Minister Jitendra Chaudhury said.
Chaudhury said: "The Tripura government has proposed to set up four 'Border Haats' along the border with Bangladesh."

The 'Border Haats' are to be set up within five kilometers of the international border.

They will sell local agricultural and horticultural products, spices, minor forest products (excluding timber), fresh and dry fish, dairy and poultry products, cottage industry items, wooden furniture, handloom and handicraft items.

Trading in these bazars would be held once or twice a week, and a spending cap of $50 will be imposed per head, reports IANS.

No local tax will be imposed on the trading. Both Indian and Bangladeshi currencies will be accepted, a Tripura government official said.

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