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J&K Education Department launches website

The website will provide officials and the general people information state’s education sector

Jammu: The School Education Department of the J&K government launched its website to provide information to people on the state’s education sector.

As per a circular issued by the Department, information regarding government orders, seniority lists, circulars and other important official communications has already been made available on the website.

"We have launched the website of School Education Department at in Jammu and Kashmir for information and assistance to people on the state's education sector," a State Education Department official said.

This has been done to prevent officials and general public from making unnecessary visits to the School Education Department for collecting petty information regarding department orders and circulars, he said.

Record correction

I write to request the department to correct its record of school locations as there are many schools that have shifted to newer locations but they continue to carry names of old locations. One such school was sanctioned at Village Parthial in samba tehsil. Since the villagers refused to part with land and building to locate it, after much deliberations, another small village about a km apart gave both land and building for the purpose and school started functioning there in 1967 and continues there to date. In the interregnum their have been many issues with booking of govt money etc for works for school on account of school location and work sanction mismatch but location correction hasn't happened. Now for over 2 years the issue has created bad blood among villagers as candidates from village Parthial and Kiani are both claiming first right to appointment as RET teachers and the department has chosen to ignore the issue and no appointment has been made. The DC Samba on a report of committe appointed for the purpose many years ago certified school location at Kiani since inception and the villagers and CEO samba have also confirmed but no record correction. I request the Director Education and Hon'le Dy CM and Education minister to please resolve the issue by correcting school locatio record. The correspondence is resting in his office unactioned for long.

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