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Land records in Punjab to go online soon

The computerisation work of land records was started in 2006 and is expected to be complete by the year-end

Chandigarh: The land owners in Punjab now won’t have to run around to get land records, as the state government has issued fresh instructions to all the Deputy Commissioners directing them to issue computerised land records on the spot.
The Deputy Commissioners have also been told to publicly validate the records, get these signed by Patwaris and frozen at “farad” centres. The government has harped upon opening up the farad centres all over state in order to make land records available online.
So once an applicant asks for land records, he gets the copy of it on the spot, making the process expeditious and less cumbersome.
The fresh instructions issued by the Land Records Director also asked Patwaris to be available at farad centres twice a week so that an applicant doesn’t have to look around for them to get the work done.
Other than the frozen records, for even a land deal registered after the date of freezing of records, the applicant has to apply only at the farad centre.
Right now the sanctioning of mutations takes months, but the government wants to make it a time-bound process, bringing it down to few weeks.  
“This all is intended towards making the land records available online and ensuring that computerisation brings about a system where land owners don’t have to take too much of hassles for their work. The new initiative will help them getting the work done immediately and on the spot,” State Revenue Secretary Anurag Verma said.
“Every tehsil and sub-tehsil will have one centre and by this year half of the land records will go online” Verma added.
Though the computerisation process of land records has been resented by the Patwaris, who doesn’t want to take the responsibility of the authenticity of land records produced by computers, the government is firm in its resolve to move ahead.
At present, as many as 34 farad centres are functional in the state, with many more in the pipeline. The computerisation work of land records was started in 2006 and is expected to be complete by the year end. 

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