iGovernment's mission is to connect government to improve government. We aim to bring together senior government officials to find new and innovative ways to improve administration and public services by acting as a knowledge network for government. A central theme that cuts across all our outreach efforts is the use of technology for better governance, in fields as diverse as education, agriculture, policing, procurement and areas where technology intersects with the delivery of public services.


iGovernment started out as India’s first interactive web platform and information portal for knowledge sharing amongst all stakeholders involved in the Integrated approach towards good governance. With its focus on all government transactions—G2G, G2C or G2B—it also relates to IT-enabled, information-based, intelligent governance and internet-enabled citizen service delivery. It is in these areas that iGovernment seeks to fill crucial gaps in peer-to-peer learning and capacity building amongst policymakers, administrators, members of the academia, multilateral and not-for-profit organisations, as well as the private sector across India.


We do this by:

  1. Facilitating information exchange on policies, strategies, best practices, innovation for improving governance through regular news updates, reports, interviews, columns and case studies
  2. Building a platform for online discussion in areas like ‘IT for development’, education, health, agriculture, public-private partnerships and infrastructure, green government, smart cities etc 
  3. Creating opportunities for face-to-face interaction and knowledge sharing amongst policymakers and other stakeholders through seminars, conferences and focused workshops
  4. Providing consultancy and research on e-governance and implementation of projects by various government departments, in partnership with the private sector


Our Community

Our community includes all senior administrators, both in the central and state governments.



Our website (http://iGovernment.in/) disseminates information on new initiatives in e-Governance, innovation and best practices through a news-led website and a wrap of the day’s ‘good news you can use’ via a daily e-newsletter that reaches out to over 16,000 subscribers. It is a news-and-information sharing web portal that aims to build interaction and information-sharing between various stakeholders.


Research services

iGovernment research services provide senior public officials with information, analysis and insights, together with independent information on various issues that impact the government through research reports, surveys and analysis.



iGovernment is also launching a print magazine targeted at the diverse community of ‘public leaders’ – those decision-makers who are a part of the various civil services under the Government of India. Like its other platforms, the magazine will seek to discover and highlight best practices and examples of innovative governance, at the central, state and municipal levels – especially those that are replicable and scalable. It will explore the role that variables like technology, personal initiative and good leadership play in transforming governance, by taking a closer look at some of India’s brightest administrators. It will also provide articles, research and features that are of interest to the community of ‘public leaders’ – spanning across services and states – and provide a positive platform for sharing ideas and success stories with a wider audience of peers.


Thus, we provide end to end media services to all stakeholders in the government sector.  Our partners have the opportunity to communicate their message through multiple media platforms.


About 9.9 Media

iGovernment is owned by 9.9 Mediaworx which is one of India’s fastest growing diversified media companies that offers high-quality, timely knowledge and insights to targeted consumers, businesses and professional communities (www.9dot9.in). We publish titles like Digit, CTO Forum, IT Next, Inc. India, CIO & Leader and EDU.